Boys Who Want to Read Like Middle Schoolers

It is still an enjoyable read, especially for middle schoolers who can relate to the main character Greg Heffley’s adjustment to school or anyone who wants a fun perspective of school and family life. Jarrett J. Other superheros have come in other forms, such as the lunch ladies behind the cafeteria counter. These full-length novels are complete stories that are illustrated in which the pictures are important to the telling of the story.

Superhero comics such as Marvel Comics have created hardcover stories to read out to this kind of audience. Characters deal with middle school topics but the reading level is lower, around fourth grade.

Visual readers who enjoy comics are likely fans of graphic novels. This books with a second grade readability is still popular up to fifth grade.. The same is true for James Patterson’s Middle School or I Funny series.

The Bone series by Jeff Smith is another example of graphic novel that entice struggling readers who want to read within their interest level. Krosoczka created The Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute and has a complete series. Easy reading for middle school interests, this nine-book series even earns high reviews from other parents of struggling readers.

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series does not necessarily fall under the graphic novel category, but its illustrated format does not automatically categorize it with regular novels

Benefits of Reading Books

It’s almost like our brain is working out!

Reading is a big stress reliever. They love colors, alphabets, and numbers. They are learning and enjoying the process of exploring the world.

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” – Joseph Addison

Health Benefits

“Good children’s literature appeals not only to the child in the adult, but to the adult in the child.” – Anonymous

A calmer mind and soul is what makes us live a healthy life, and reading does exactly that for us.

An enhanced brain power, smartness, and ability to think are some more of the advantages.

We might just become stress-free and relaxed in our lives.

Reading induces positive thinking and learning.

It’s also excellent for retired or aged people to engross themselves into something fruitful.

To sum up, all the book addicts will agree to the benefits given in this article. Reading a book instead, will make you feel better, and it’s always a thoughtful thing to indulge in.

Reading builds self-esteem within us by making us more of an expert on any particular topic. So, what are you waiting for? Enroll yourself in a local library soon!

Teenagers: In their teens, kids develop their own interest for a particular type or genre of writing styles or stories. Biographies, fiction, and non-fiction make us engrossed in their write ups, and help our mind to be calmer than before. We can relate it to our increased self-confidence.

We can always share whatever we have read with our friends, colleagues, and family, as we all know that knowledge increases by sharing.

It’s often that books change people’s lives. It’s almost like we are carrying knowledge with ourselves. Surely, you all must have heard these quotes. They love the sound effects. Books on how to cope up with depressions and tensions, or about positive thoughts and deeds, gives us a sigh of relief, and boosts our self-confidence.

Reading also improves our power of imagination since it takes us to another world. We might never realize, but they are actually into a learning process. This usually happens while reading fiction books.

It’s very common that while studying any particular course, books aid deeper and better understanding than just verbal explanations. It also makes our memory cells work like never before, as it is said that, “It is better to use memory, than lose memory.” If you want some ideas to inculcate this habit in your kids, you can go through some of the reading readiness activities.

Reading makes us more creative and stimulates our creative visualization.

Books are extremely handy. They love reading about animals, fairies, or cartoons. You could better explain it as, “This book changed my life.”

Also, there is this new trend of making movies based on books. As parents, you can also make them read some educational books which will widen their knowledge aspects.. Obviously, it’s during reading that we come across many new words which increase our knowledge strength. As it is said that it’s always easy to teach your child when he/she is young.

Learning Process for Kids

Newborns: You would wonder how babies benefit from reading. People have their own interests and choices. Nursery rhymes or small story books make them very happy. They have their own favorite authors. Watching television and listening to music are not always the things to be done to overcome it. Some books are really inspiring, may be based on real life experiences or true stories. If you develop a particular taste for books as a teen, it will forever remain within you.

Preschoolers: Since preschoolers have an understanding of alphabets and words, reading books that involve slightly complex texts is what they like. Most of us love reading, not books always, but e-books, magazines, newspapers, novels, etc. Right from babies and toddlers to teens and adults, it’s always going to be a good activity. Books with colorful pictures or their favorite cartoon characters excite this age group. It contributes in makes us smarter, and increases our vocabulary and writing skills as well. Books are foolproof, and you are sure to achieve excellence in your academics if you read often.

Reading increases our concentration and focus. Fiction and nonfiction is something which fascinates them a lot. Surely, you will agree that it’s a cheap entertainment source.

Boredom often irritates us. Think about the benefits of reading books, and the list goes on and on …

It’s obvious that the first thing that comes to our mind is getting knowledge. Some people might get inspired by reading biographies or autobiographies. They are cheaper as well, in comparison to the information they provide. It also helps expand our horizons, and makes us aware about the facts and figures of the outside world.

Reading is best for increasing our thinking ability. Reading books on varied subjects imparts information, and increases the depth about the subject as well. Reading is a great hobby, which makes you discover yourself and your capabilities. You would all agree that we end up saying that the book was 1000 times better than the movie.

It is good if children make reading their hobby, apart from playing. Babies love lullabies, and they respond wonderfully well to books depicting colorful pictures or different rhythms