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Guide to online horse race betting

When placing a bet, your stake is the amount of money you are willing to gamble. Because these wagers pose less risk for the punter, the returns are lower than odds against bets.

Instead of a horse’s odds being expressed as a fraction, bookmakers often regard odds as ‘long’ or ‘short’. If your horse wins, you will receive your stake back plus your stake multiplied by the odds against it. If your horse wins at 2/1, you will receive: your 10 back plus your stake multiplied by the odds (10 x 2) or 30 in total.

Even money is when your horse’s perceived chance of winning the race is 50/50. If your horse wins, you will receive your stake back plus your stake multiplied by the odds on it. Short odds (e.g. Thus, bookmakers assess odds in such a way that provide more winnings for punters who place wagers on long shot horses. If your horse wins, your stake will double in amount.. For instance, you stake 10.

Thus, the odds (often referred to as the ‘price’) are a way of expressing the probability of a horse winning a race. We explore these below.

Some of the principles of the financial marketplace also apply to wagers on horse racing. Prices can be odds against, even money, or odds on.

Odds on (i.e., 1/2, 4/7, 3/10, etc.) is when your horse’s perceived chance of winning the race is more than 50/50. Horse race betting involves terminology unique the sport. If you’re a winner, your winnings are calculated according to your horses odds. Odds that are said to be long (e.g. There are less winnings available for selecting runners that are favored to win because these horses pose less risk.

Odds against (i.e., 2/1, 7/1, 15/2, etc.) takes place when your horse’s perceived chance of winning the race is less than 50/50. Typically, a bettor can earn a higher return on investment (at least in the short term) by assuming more risk. 2/1) indicate that a horse has a good chance of winning.

Online sports betting sites have effectively placed a casino or horseracing portal in every home that has an internet connection or mobile device. The minimum stake you can place at most racecourses is 2. 50/1) point to the fact that a horse is very unlikely to win the race


African migrants hit it big in Spain Christmas lotteryMADRID (AP) About 35 African migrants, including at least one rescued at sea from an overcrowded wooden boat, are among the top prize winners of Spain’s Christmas lottery, according to the owner of the lottery agency that sold more than 1,000 tickets that shelled out 400,000 euros ($438,000) each.

Illinois Official: Daily Fantasy Betting Is Illegal Gambling

Drury said not only did taxpayers need to know whether the contests were legal, lawmakers needed to know what they are attempting to regulate.

“To me, it didn’t make sense to consider legislation when we didn’t know what the current status of daily fantasy sports is in Illinois,” Drury said. Scott Drury of Highwood and Elgie Sims of Chicago sought the opinion. Illinois outlaws both.

The law “clearly declares that all games of chance or skill, when played for money, are illegal gambling in Illinois,” Madigan, a Democrat, wrote.

Madigan’s decree follows decisions in New York and Nevada to ban the online sites for the same reason. Mike Zalewski of Riverside, who is pushing legislation to legalize and regulate the contests, said that while he disagrees that the pastime involves gambling, the ruling provides “more clarity.”

Zalewski said in a statement that he’s aiming for regulations “to allow Illinoisans to continue to play these contests and provide the necessary strong consumer protections for safe, fun play.”

His proposal would require players to be 18 and allow sites to review players for child support or tax debts.

A major industry player, FanDuel, released a statement Wednesday night lamenting what it said was Madigan’s ban on fantasy sports betting. Contact Political Writer John O’Connor at . Zalewski said he aligned parameters with current gambling regulations on riverboat casinos and horse racing.

“I disagree with those sentiments, but we have whole spring ahead of us to work on a bill that addresses concerns like that,” Zalewski said.. A spokesman had no further comment.

David Boies, counsel to Boston-based DraftKings, another large operator, said in a statement that the company intends to “seek a judicial resolution” of the matter.

“As it does so, it will continue to abide by all relevant laws and will follow the direction of the courts,” Boies said. “Chicago may be the best sports town in the country,” said the statement, which called on lawmakers to “give back to the people of Illinois the games they love.” The statement didn’t say the site will cease operations in the state. Players compete for a predetermined prize by assembling virtual teams of real pro or college athletes; winners are determined based on the statistics those athletes compile.

Madigan pointed out that while state law allows prizes or compensation for “actual contestants,” that doesn’t include fantasy gamblers.

“Persons whose wagers depend upon how particular, selected athletes perform in actual sporting events stand in no different stead than persons who wager on the outcome of any sporting event in which they are not participants,” Madigan wrote.

Nevada regulators declared the bets illegal gambling and ordered the sites out of the state unless they acquire gambling licenses; New York’s attorney general ordered DraftKings and FanDuel to stop operating, but the companies won a temporary reprieve allowing them to continue through January. “Now that we know, according to the attorney general, that it’s illegal, we can make a serious attempt to address the issue.”

Drury is not a fan of Zalewski’s proposal, saying the minimum age of 18 is too young and that rules are too loose on winners who owe child support or tax money. Democratic Rep. His work can be found at .


Attorney general’s opinion:

Zalewski’s bill is HB4323:

Daily fantasy sports betting is illegal gambling under Illinois law, Attorney General Lisa Madigan said Wednesday.

Madigan’s opinion, sought by two Democratic legislators, said that the debate over whether the popular contests involve skill or luck is irrelevant. Madigan’s opinion made no such orders.

Democratic Reps. “Pending that resolution the company will preserve the status quo.”

Daily fantasy sports differ from the traditional model in that contests are organized around short periods a week, or a day instead of a season

November 2010 Sporting Clays Tip

Taken very early, the target will be faster as it just came off the trap. Shooting style is one example, an important consideration when choosing a breakpoint that favors that style. Whichever breakpoint we pick, watch very closely what that target is doing as it comes into that breakpoint. Target speed and the target line will be constantly changing as the the bird gets further & further from the trap machine. Which one is best? That depends on many, many different factors. On the other hand, one particular breakpoint might put the muzzle into an advantageous position for starting the swing on the 2nd shot. And it will be just as important to precisely match the correct method to each target in each breakpoint – 100 times – all the way around the match course. These are the skills needed to navigate a challenging course successfully.

The full article is located at

An Index of all The Paragon School of Sporting Sporting Tips is located at:

. This brings us to the next point here.

Once a target leaves the machine, there are usually multiple breakpoints available to us. 2 different breakpoints, 2 different shooting methods. This slower, possibly curling or sliding target would suggest another shooting method altogether. A fast shooter might pick an earlier breakpoint – a more methodical shooter would likely shoot this same target a bit later.

The breakpoint we choose will also have a lot to do with the shooting method we pick. And the line will probably be changing too as gravity takes over. The shooting method we choose will have to handle that speed reliably and consistently. And we’d be right.

Imagine a target crossing from your 9 O’clock to your 3 O’clock. So it would be fair to say that shooting methods are breakpoint dependent. Based on that information – what the target is really doing right there – now choose the shooting method that will get us the X – consistently.

November 2010 Sporting Clays Tip

Sporting Clays GlassesOnce we decide to get serious about building a complete shooting game, we quickly begin to learn just how many different ways there are to present targets.

Learning various shooting methods will, of course, be very important. As it turns out, both shooters opt to break bird 1 in that exact spot, thus setting up their 2nd shot. That same bird down the flight line further will likely be going slower

Demand for Sports Betting by Fransis Rodrigues

The demand for different sports has resulted in increase in demand for Sports betting line all over the world. The demand for different sports in different seasons varies the betting volume of sports book throughout the year.

Types of Bet

There are different types of sports bet available for a sports gambler.

Future Wagers: These types are wagers are predicted for the future activity of any sports. Though many bet on sports to make money there are many who bet just to add that excitement and anxiety to the sports activity.

Parlays: Parlay form of betting enables sport fans to have multiple bets on a sport activity. For instance a certain NFL team will win the Super bowl for the upcoming season.

Have you ever tried betting on the outcome of a sporting event? Sports are a great source of entertainment for people of all ages. No matter which is your favorite sport game the excitement and the anxiety that it creates is just difficult to express. Sports’ betting is a general activity whereby you can predict sport results by betting on the outcome of any sporting event. Lets take a glance on the different types

Sports betting enable sports fans to wager on various sports competitions including golf, basketball, hockey, soccer, horse racing and boxing. This form of betting rewards successful bettors with a large payout.

Proposition Bets: This is an interesting type of sport bet whereby wagers are made on a very specific outcome of a match.

Run line, puck line or goal line bets: These are fixed point-spread bets that offer higher payouts for the favorite and a lower one for the underdog. Many sports fans believe that sports betting increases the excitement of the game, which thereby benefits the leagues, teams and players. For instance betting on the number of goal that each team will score or betting that a basketball player of one team will have more hits that another player of the opposing team. . Different sport fans have interest in different types of sports activity and increase their wagering amount when the specific sports activity are going on

Free Fantasy Sports Streak Games and Contests with Cash and Prizes

See the table to the right for a breakdown of the prizes.

Many of the picks are not just picking which team will win. We have found that during basketball season it was much easier to find a good pick than it has been during baseball season. is a sports betting information website that runs a free streak style contest with a top prize of $100,000. If you get it wrong, your streak resets to zero. It doesn’t take a lot of time and it is a contest that a smart sports fan has a reasonable shot at winning. You do not have to pick everyday, but you must pick once every six days to keep your streak alive.

The ultimate goal is to build a streak of 24 correct picks for the overall grand prize of $100,000. Only having the option of picking one game a day makes this contest one of my favorites. If you get your pick correct, your streak goes up. Basketball and football include picking ATS (against the spread), which makes the closest thing to actually betting on sports on this list.

. Other prizes are available for smaller streaks. My longest streak was seven in a row and my girlfriend had 11 in a row during basketball season. Each day you can make one pick from a list of games that chooses

2 Funny Golf Gift Ideas That Will Have You Rolling on the Floor

This funny golf gift idea could also be used off the course at home, I suppose. Two gag golf gifts that will get plenty of laughs and delight the golfer that is difficult to buy for and already has everything. It has a weed whacker build right in, so you can trim the grass around the ball and have a better shot.

1.Potty Putter- This product definitely makes my cut of funny golf gift ideas. OK, this is probably not exactly in-line with the official golf rule book, but who cares. If you are the golfer that has everything, or if you know one, read on — I’m guessing you don’t have these funny golf gift ideas in your bag. I can’t believe this is a real product. If you are always hitting balls into the high grass, this club provides a James Bond-like solution.

There you go.

If you have a man in your life that is difficult to buy for, this short list of funny golf gift ideas should solve your problem. Your neighbors might give you some funny looks, but I think it would add some fun to yard work. The other golfers in the group will be rolling on the ground in laughter when they see you trimming the rough patch around your ball. Get more info on these, along with other unique golf gift ideas here.

2. Now, I don’t think that this extra practice time will actually help a golfer’s game because the stance and surroundings don’t exactly mimic a real golf course green and environment; however, I’m sure this prank gift idea will get a big laugh when it is unwrapped from the gift box. I hope you enjoyed these funny golf gift ideas!


Golf can be such a serious sport. These wacky gag gifts are just what you need to lighten the mood and have some fun out there on the course. You’ve probably seen the usual golf gag gifts like exploding golf balls, but I bet these two ideas will be new to you. I don’t know if I’d put this in my main bathroom, but it does belong in any respectable man cave. Big Daddy, The Weed Whacking Golf Driver- This is a fantastic gag golf present

How to place your first football bet at a Las Vegas sportsbook like a pro

Remember that teams that cover the point spread win. Ask the sportsbook staff about mailing and cashing your winning tickets from out of state. Or $37 to win $10 + your $37 bet. As above, CHECK YOUR TICKET FOR ACCURACY, thank the Ticket Writer and ask for a drink ticket and relax.

Or, find your team and bet numbers for the game, walk up to the window and tell the ticket writer that you would like to bet $110 on the OVER (or UNDER) in the Texans/Dolphins game #465/466. A few final notes. In this example you have selected #466 the Houston Texans. This is optional when placing your bets, but a tradition when cashing your winning tickets. It is customary to bet in increments of $11 ($22, $33, $55,…$1100, etc.) when straight betting/point spread betting. Remember that OVERTIME COUNTS when betting totals.

Ready? Find your team and the bet number. Or for the same rates, you can bet that the COMBINED score will be UNDER 43 points. In this example, if you straight bet the Texans, they must win by EIGHT points or more in order for you to win your bet. Can you see why point spreads of 3, 7 and even 10 and 14 are extremely important? And to add to your stress, point spreads fluctuate up and down as the kick-off approaches. Or you could bet the Dolphins for $100 and win $300 + your $100 bet for a total of $400 back – IF the Dolphins win.Another way you can bet on this game is to bet the total. Las Vegas runs on tips and good service should be rewarded. The Texans are -370 and Dolphins +300. Now, CHECK YOUR TICKET FOR ACCURACY and if you drink, ask for a drink ticket when you place your bet. If the underdog Dolphins win outright, tie or lose by seven points (or less) the Dolphins are declared the winner for betting purposes and you lose. Walk up to the betting window and tell the Ticket Writer that you would like to straight bet or just bet $110 on #466. Remember that IF your team wins AND covers the spread you will get back your original bet PLUS $10 for each $11 dollars bet. Notice that the Texans are the ‘bottom’ team of the two teams listed. More on that in future articles.What if you still like the Texans to win but heard about some key player injuries or weather changes or other factors that could affect the team’s performance on Sunday? You are still convinced they will win but not sure if they will win by MORE than a touchdown. Again, CHECK YOUR TICKET FOR ACCURACY, thank the Ticket Writer and ask for a drink ticket and enjoy the game.

In Vegas for the weekend and you’d like to place a friendly wager on your favorite team but don’t know where (or how) to begin? Follow these simple step-by-step instructions and you’ll be able to walk up to the casino sportsbook window and place your first NFL or college football bet like a pro.

Stop by the book, short for sportsbook, and pick up the current week’s odds sheet for the sport (in this example NFL football) you are interested in. The -7 1/2 under the line column indicates the Texans are 7 1/2 point favorites. Each sportsbook (or group of sportsbooks) have established minimum bets and maximum bets, ask the Ticket Writer about minimum bets if you’re a Low Roller or maximum bet limits if you are a High Roller.

And finally, consider tipping the helpful Ticket Writer a dollar or two or ten. ALL bets must be placed in person, but you do not need to be in Vegas to win or collect. This is the moneyline. Good Luck.

Or, find your team and bet number and walk up to the window and tell the Ticket Writer that you would like to place a $37 moneyline bet on #466 the Houston Texans. The bottom or second team listed is always the home team and has the home field advantage.Look at that point spread again. For your $110 bet you would get $210 back when you cash your winning ticket after the game. The Texans are favorites, indicated by the (-) sign and the Dolphins are underdogs or ‘dogs’ indicated by the (+) sign. The point spread is always placed to the right of the team that is favored. When straight betting or betting the spread that team must cover the spread. Now find the corresponding bet number next to your team and circle it. You just spent (invested) $110, you deserve a free cocktail.. You can also view this information up above your head on the big, brightly lit boards, but it’s easier to grab a paper copy to study at your leisure.Find the team that you are convinced will win. You can bet the moneyline, that is bet the Texans to win by laying $370 to win $100 + your $370 bet. Look back at your sheet under the M/L column. DO NOT LOSE YOUR TICKET. You could just as easily bet $370 or $3700. ALL bets must be placed BEFORE kickoff. It can get you more drink tickets and even better service on your next visit.

Now, go pick up your odds sheets, pick some winners and step up to the window. Good choice, the Texans are 7 1/2 point favorites. You win if they win by any number of points. See the 43 in the total column? If you believe that both teams are healthy, happy and the weather will be perfect and you KNOW this game will be a high scoring game OVER 43 combined points, you can bet $11 (or $110) to win $10 + your $11 (or $100 + your $110) back

Oh good, he’s dead; FRANK ‘LEFTY’ ROSENTHAL He may have introduced sports betting to US casinos, but few will mourn the ‘awful human being’ who has died aged 79.

By 1961, when he appeared before a Senate committee on gambling and organised crime, Rosenthal’s activities were dubious enough to prompt him to invoke the Fifth Amendment, a protection against self-incrimination, 38 times.

Rosenthal had a large ego and a small fan club. There are exceptions to the rule. Although repeatedly denied a gaming licence by the Nevada Gaming Commission, Rosenthal, backed by the Chicago mafia, assumed the management of the Stardust. Even after his death, still trumpets Sports Illustrated’s description of Rosenthal, as “The greatest living expert on sports gambling”. He introduced female croupiers and card dealers and, less welcome, invited the murderous ‘Tony the Ant’ Spilotro to join him. When John Smith, a columnist with the Las Vegas Review Journal, sought reactions to the news of Lefty’s death, one former associate responded: “I hope it’s true.” Another, a former federal prosecutor, remarked: ”It’s been said you should never speak ill of the dead. When Rosenthal spotted a professional card cheat, he had the man’s right hand broken with a rubber mallet. He still couldn’t persuade the Gaming Commission to issue him with a licence.

Two years later, he was convicted of attempting to bribe basketball players.

In 1974, when the tax on sports betting was suddenly cut from ten per cent to two per cent, Rosenthal was quick to appreciate the potential for a race and sports book within the casino. In 1982, he opened the door of his Cadillac and was blown across the sidewalk by a bomb whose impact was reduced by a metal plate under the driver’s seat. In his heyday, during the mid and late 1970s, Rosenthal managed four Las Vegas casinos. “Metal hammers leave marks,” he later explained. . He moved to California, then Florida, leaving Las Vegas in the hands of more respectable, if less colourful, corporations. Stardust was bought by Boyd Gaming, which now operates the casino and racetrack at Delta Downs, in Louisiana.

He married a topless showgirl, Geri McGee, and had his own television show, broadcast from the Stardust, which included interviews with Frank Sinatra and other celebrities. Rosenthal survived but by the late 1980s he featured in the ‘black book’ of undesirables banned from Nevada’s casinos. Rosenthal was fond of asking, “Who invented the modern sports book?” The answer, according to Rosenthal, was Rosenthal.

Rosenthal acknowledged the general accuracy of the film and capitalised on his celebrity through a sports betting website. Frank Rosenthal was one of those exceptions. He was an awful human being.”

Subsequently, life in Las Vegas became more difficult, and less certain. Rosenthal led a comfortable life in Florida, managing his nephew’s bar and grill, until receiving the attention he believed his achievements merited in Martin Scorsese’s 1995 film, Casino. ’Lefty’ became Sam ‘Ace’ Rothstein, played by Robert de Niro; Spilotro appeared as Nicky Santoro, played by Joe Pesci, while McGee, Rosenthal’s wife, was played by Sharon Stone, in the guise of Ginger McKenna.

Rosenthal did, indeed, successfully introduce sports betting to casinos, although his idea of a satisfactory book was different from the kind envisaged by fair-minded players. That, but a lot else besides.

‘Las Vegas gambler Lem Banker said Rosenthal would cheat a blind pencil salesman if given the chance’

When asked whether he was right-or left-handed, Rosenthal pleaded the Fifth.

Born in Chicago in 1929, he soon kept bad company, including childhood friend and adult mobster Tony Spilotro. He preferred to have the results arranged in advance, and was diligent in his attempts to do so.

Byline: David Ashforth

TO A general lack of dismay, Frank ‘Lefty’ Rosenthal has died, aged 79. A noted oddsmaker, Rosenthal’s odds were used, legally and illegally, across the US.


Frank ‘Lefty’ Rosenthal: notorious organised crime figure, on whose life the film Casino was based

Veteran Las Vegas gambler Lem Banker, who knew Rosenthal well,respected his gambling acumen while observing that he would cheat ablind pencil salesman if given the chance.

Upon settling down in Las Vegas, in 1971, following an indictment in California for racketeering, Rosenthal bet at the Rose Bowl turf club, one of several sports books operating independently of the casinos, and worked as a floor man at the Stardust casino. The facility he created – large, plush, with multiple television screens and individual cubicles for bettors – was revolutionary, highly lucrative, and copied by other casinos